Referral Program

Get Paid for Referring Clients to Us

We get clients, you get money, and they get a well-needed website, logo, or brochure etc. Win-win-win!

How It Works

1. Think About Your Friends, Relatives, and Clients

Maybe there is someone that could use our help. For example if they have an old, ugly website – or a crappy brochure or catalog.

Tell them they could benefit from having the problem corrected – and you know an excellent firm you can recommend.

2. Get Permission for Us to Contact Them

Ask them if it is OK for us contact them. Get their name, phone, and email address and send it to us.

3. We Follow Up

We contact them and tell them about our design process. We help them decide what they need and submit our proposal.

4. You Get Paid 20% of the Project Fee

Upon the client's acceptance of our proposal, we proceed with the project. We pay you after each payment the client makes to us. (Our design fees generally run from the hundreds to thousands of dollars, so your fee could be anywhere from $75 to $1000 - or more.)

What are you waiting for? Get started now!