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Logo Design

After choosing a name for your business, one of the next most important things to do is to have a professionally designed logo. Your logo should be both simple and strong – a unique symbol so your business name can be instantly recognized. We utilize the best logo design practices and are ready to create a classic logo for your business or organization.

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Catalog and Brochure Design

We are expert at designing catalogs and brochures for print. We have a thorough knowledge of printing, inks, and paper and can guide you through the process. Our files are carefully prepared for output, and we can communicate on a professional level with your printer or ours. Also, we can prepare optimized PDFs of your collateral for distribution from your website.

Stationery Systems

A stationery system is an arrangement of the elements of your logo, corporate colors, and typography, incorporated in a cohesive, unified manner through the design of business cards, letterhead, envelopes, pocket folders, and business forms. Even in this digital age, well-executed stationery plays an important role in introducing and reinforcing your brand presence.

Long island stationery design
Long Island eBook design

eBook Design

eBook design is one area where many especially think they can DIY. After all, if you have Word and can make a PDF it's easy, right? Wrong. The same skill set goes into making an eBook as does a website, brochure, or any other professionally design concept. We know how to utilize the different elements that go into good book design – eBook or conventional.

Signage Design

We design signs for interior use, for example, for your office or for trade shows, as well as exterior signs for storefronts. Our signage designs utilize colors for noticeability, as well as typefaces and type sizes for readability. Type selection is critical to the effectiveness of a sign. Signage should be designed appropriately for the viewing distance.

Long Island signage design
Enivironmental graphics and murals for your office space

Environmental Graphics and Office Murals

Environmental graphics and office murals make a big impact on visitors to your office or location. Their visual appeal can also be a morale booster for employees and raise their attitude and productivity. We can design concepts and have custom graphics and murals produced and installed. We photograph your location and design original concepts for your approval.

More Graphic Design Services

Postcards and Note Cards, Anything on Paper or Other Material, Graphic User Interfaces, Game Design, Copywriting, and Photography

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